5 Part Time Self Employment Jobs

Have you reached a point when your day job seems and feels boring already? Are you desperate to find a challenge that would provide a second income as well as fulfil you way? If your answer is yes then here are 5 simple part time self employment jobs that you may like to consider.

  • One of the fun and uncomplicated part time jobs is handing out free products and convincing customers to buy them. If you are employed fulltime and you want to earn an extra income or want to make profitable use of your weekends, promotional work is an option to consider. A lot of product manufacturers are willing to pay considerable amount for people who are amiable, hardworking and able to promote their products. The opportunities for this type of part time job don’t end so with just a few hours on weekends, you can already augment your income.
  • If you know where to look for great part time self employment jobs then it will be less of a hassle. Did you know that you might have in your home what other people need and are willing to buy? Bring them all out and request your family and friends to give you stuff that they aren’t using anymore like old electronic equipment, cell phones and toys among others. You can sell all these online on places like eBay and other auction websites. You won’t know how much treasure you have until you start earning extra cash selling used goods online.
  • Freelance writing online is another great opportunity. With this fully flexible part time job, you decide how many hours you will spend working and what tasks you are willing to do. There are numerous freelance writing websites where you can browse through available jobs and find one that is within your interest and expertise. If you have a good command of the English language and excellent grammar and spelling skills then you can certainly be a freelance writer.
  • A lot of people do not want to leave their houses empty whenever they go on holiday vacations or business trips and yes, this is good news for this presents one of the self employed jobs that might catch your attention – house sitting. If you have a few credible references who can speak well f you and you have no criminal record then you can easily fit in this part time job. Just read you dailies and look for ads that offer pay in exchange for services to watch over the house, plants, and pets among other properties of someone else.
  • Would you mind watching over a few kids? If you have kids of your own and would enjoy taking care of other children then starting a small day-care group of no more than 5 kids is a rewarding option.