How Modern Marketers Earn Trust Today

How Modern Marketers Earn Trust Today

Marketing Podcast with Melanie Deziel

Melanie Deziel, a guest on the Duct Tape Marketing podcastIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Melanie Deziel. Melanie is a keynote speaker, award-winning branded content creator, and the author of both “The Content Fuel Framework: How to Generate Unlimited Story Ideas” and Prove It: Exactly How Modern Marketers Earn Trust.” Melanie is also the Co-Founder of The Convoy and GroupUps, B2B marketplaces that help small businesses save money so they can invest more in themselves and their communities.

Key Takeaway:

You say your company is amazing. But why should your customers believe you? In a crowded consumer courtroom full of shady advertisers all claiming to be the best, the fastest, the most caring, your brand is literally on trial―and that means you better deliver the proof. In this episode, Melanie Deziel shares how to leverage content marketing to earn the trust of your customers today.

Questions I ask Melanie Deziel:

  • [2:25] How does trust fit into marketing?
  • [3:37] Is there a price range where trust becomes the most important element?
  • [5:51] Is there a direct correlation to the idea that if something is more trustworthy, people are willing to pay more?
  • [6:51] What are the five words that trust boils down to?
  • [7:55] What are the three kinds of content that work well as evidence?
  • [14:44] What are some simple ways brands are able to fit into this “prove it” category?
  • [15:59] What are a couple of examples of claims that fit into the category of unless you can show proof, it’s not going to benefit?
  • [18:53] What about throwaway claims?
  • [19:58] How do start-ups walk the line of being able to show proof without having a lot of existing proof to use?
  • [21:32] And that business is called the Convoy. Where can people find that your group buying business
  • [21:57] but you wanna tell anywhere else you wanna invite people to connect with you?

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