Modernistic Advertising

Advertising, in common with other phases of human effort, is subject to the vagaries of fashion. The popular presentation of today may become obsolete tomorrow. In advertising and particularly in advertising layout fashionable changes have become so definite, regular and persistent that one can plot their progress on a graph paper and discern what research workers term “trends” in both technique and space shapes.

In studying modernistic advertising of real estate, however, we must not be misled by those who exaggerate these changes. We must refuse to be convinced by the statement that advertising is smashing its own conventions. If you take a typical advertisement of 20 years ago and compare its techniques with advertisements of today, you will find they have little in common but an analysis of fundamentals will reveal that both are calculated to attract and to interest the reader in their respective styles both set out to convince him of the merits of the product or services they offer.

Today we tend, perhaps, to give more weight than formerly to attracting the reader. This is explained by the highly competitive conditions under which the modern advertising of Simi Valley real estate appears. The average newspaper, laid out for raid perusal, is one big shout for attention and as the reading time devoted to the newspaper is shorter than before, your message must “stand out” and hold eye of the reader it is to be read at all. Rules and precepts play a minor role in this absorbing game of planning the modernistic advertisement of Newbury Park real estate. Take a soft pencil and a pad and while your mind turn over the pictorial possibilities of the lines and tones your pencil has made. Let your mind’s eye see something concrete in their disorder and inconsistency. Unless you are completely devoid of imagination symbol upon which you will build your real estate advertising messages. Your rough and spasmodic scribbling, in fact, may furnish you with the complete theme of your layout. That is one way to start.

In the beginning still appears to be vague. So we shall develop a rough layout for possibilities. From this it is evident that our “line of opposition” is quite attractive. The illustration, it should be remembered, exemplified only one method. The layout man is generally more restricted. Definitely have to start with the request that a figure is embodied. Another way of starting the layout is to look for inspiration in sources more definite and mechanical. The most prosaic and inanimate objects can come in for attention in this connection the pattern of a carpet, for instance, may be full of ideas for you. Advertising of Thousand Oaks Real Estate, Granada Hill generally agree on this point.

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