Social Media Strategy And Branding – What Are The Six Strategies For Creating A World Class Brand

Social Media Strategy: What are the Six Strategies for Creating a Brand?

To create a world class differentiation, a marketer can employ any or all of 6 strategies.

The six strategies for creating a world class brand are: Product brand, line brand, range brand, umbrella brand, parent brand, endorsing brand.

PRODUCT. A brand is a symbol, a word, object, or a concept—all at once and one at the same time. The purpose of a product-brand is to assign an exclusive name to a product. This is the strategy that Proctor and Gamble employs. Tide is P&G’s laundry detergent. The product is so well marketed that when consumers hear the name, Tide, the first thing they think of is washing clothes.

RANGE. This is a group of products all under one name and one promise. This is how television networks brand their shows. During promotional breaks, a network will advertise several shows at once. The network goal is for a consumer to think of several shows when they hear the name of the brand.

LINE. Includes group of products that have complementary products. Cosmetic products are branded in this way. In many lines there is a shampoo, a shaving cream, an after shave, and a deodorant, all under one roof. The advantages to this strategy is that it raises the selling power of the brand and creates a strong image of consistency. It creates an easy movement to line extensions and it reduces line costs.

UMBRELLA. This method is used when a group of very different products are marketed under one brand. A brand umbrella may be motorcycles, pianos and guitars.

SOURCE This is like Umbrella except under source branding, the products are now directly named. A brand might include names like product Dairy Crunch, Nescafe, Nesquick.

ENDORSING. Car companies brand this way. Pontiac, Buick, Oldsmobile, and Chevrolet are branded in the United States. Opel and Vauxhall are branded in Europe by General Motors. The advantage to this type of branding is that it adds more touch points. Each particular name evokes a forceful image of the product in the consumer’s mind. In the case of a car brand, there are many individual products. Using the endorsing mechanism allows a company to save a great deal of expense and it simplifies the product in the consumer’s mind. These six brand strategies all are case types. In reality, firms adopt hybrid configurationssin the from of a range, umbrella, parent, or endorsing, according to the product.

Dean Hambleton
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