The Cost of Billboard Advertising in Chicago – Are Outdoor Billboards Worthy Investments?

The cost of billboard advertising in Chicago will depend on a number of things. Compared to other forms of media advertising tools, outdoor billboards are definitely cheaper and more effective in sending out the message about your products or services to the general public. Of course, the use and cost of billboard advertising Chicago is also subjected to state laws that you need to strictly observe.

It’s quite impossible to ignore these giant-sized outdoor billboards, especially if they carry such colorful images and catchy phrases. Outdoor billboards are specifically located on prime locations, like Chicago’s downtown or high-traffic areas, to ensure the success of the business’ marketing campaign. Unlike television or newspaper advertising, outdoor billboards would last for more than a day or a few seconds that make these very efficient and cost-effective.

The cost of billboard advertising in Chicago is influenced by the complexity of the image designs, billboard sizes (average sizes are 5×11 feet, 12×24 feet, 14×18 feet), and the service fee of the advertising agency you hired. Normally, you could expect these to approximately cost from $700 to $2500 monthly (that’s already inexpensive compared to the payment rates of one-day newspaper ads or a 30-second television commercial).

Chicago, one of the third largest cities in the U.S., is a great location for outdoor billboards. There are a couple of reasons that make this city a worthy target for billboard advertisements. For one, O’Hare Airport, one of the busiest airports worldwide, is located in this city. If you place your advertisement near this area, you can expect the possibility that thousands of people would notice your advertisement. Chicago’s public transportation system, which goes around forty suburbs and metropolitan areas, is another reason why billboard ads are effective on this city. There are millions of people that visit this city every year and these visitors are capable of spending billions – you can just imagine how much your business would greatly benefit from this.

But before renting or buying your billboards, you should check out Chicago’s or Illinois State’s regulatory laws about billboard advertising. Almost all states in the U.S. have their own set of zoning perimeters and restriction laws for this type of advertising medium. For example, tobacco and alcohol billboards are prohibited in Chicago. Things like these are very important to take note of to avoid any hassles and to protect your investment.

The issue about the initial and yearly costs of outdoor billboard ads is a secondary concern if you think about the great benefits these could give you. Plus, the technological advancements in the billboard industry have made it possible for a quicker printing process and cheaper cost of billboard advertising Chicago. So, to make the most out of your investment, you should always explore your options, follow local or state regulations, and hire the best advertisement agency for the job.