The Unwritten Ethics of Sixty-Nining

When having oral sex some lovers want to give while others want to receive. But with the 69 position both lovers will definitely enjoy the best of both worlds. Most people really enjoy this position and it’s good for adding variation to the bedroom.

What is the 69 Position?

The 69 position got its name because the numbers illustrate how lovers are arranged, from head-to-toe. Also known in French as “soixante-neuf,” it is designed to achieve mutual stimulation between lovers. Each lover is able to give and receive at the same time when doing this position.

Do’s and Don’ts

There are some definite do’s and don’ts when ‘sixty-nining.’ Here are some fantastic tips for when you are doing it as part of your foreplay.

1. Take a shower. Your lover is very sensitive when it comes to cleanliness and odor so it’s a must to be clean. You can use this as part of your foreplay by taking a shower together.

2. Guide your lover. When you want to change your position to ‘sixty-nine’ guide your lover slowly. Take your time and move in unison into the 69 position.

3. Make it comfortable for both of you. The 2 best options are for her to go on top or for you both to be lying on your sides. The female should always be on the top because you are usually heavier than her. This will avoid you hurting your partner when you both get carried away.

4. Try to do it equally. Always remember that this is a give and take position. It is not fair when your lover is busy going down on you for you to be too lazy to return the favor. If you are not 100% committed or too tired then try to go down on your lover separately so that they can receive the benefits of having your full attention.

When ‘sixty-nining’ you and you partner should be mutually satisfied. As with any sexual act you do in the bedroom you should always make sure no one is missing out. Plus this can increase the chances of doing it a second time.