What Makes a Superb Entrepreneur?

A while ago, I was skimming my old notebook, the one I used when I was in first year of my college life. I came across my notes entitled “finance seminar”. Oh, I remember. While my classmates were busy chatting with each other at our table that time, I was busy taking down notes about the seminar. I couldn’t blame them for not listening to the guest speaker because it also bored me. The speaker was just reading her notes and adding some sentences to explain what’s written on her notes.

Despite of the boredom she gave us, I still wrote the facts I’d learned from her speech. I thought our professor would give us a long exam regarding the seminar but he didn’t. Good for us. The topic of our seminar made me interested anyway. What was the topic? It’s about being entrepreneur. I knew I could use these facts in the near future.

According to the speaker, entrepreneur is also known as innovator. Joseph Shumpeter is the one who introduced the Innovative Theory.

Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

We can not describe an entrepreneur in just a single word, so allow me to share you what really makes a good entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur is a person who takes risks, makes innovations or does new things, searches for change, accelerates the development of the economy, sees and evaluates business opportunities.

Risk Taker

If you are a person who doesn’t know how to take a risk, change your attitude. If you can’t, don’t try to be an entrepreneur then. You can not achieve success if you don’t take risks. How would you know if a particular strategy or technique is good for your business if you don’t try using it? Yes, you may fail. Failure is usually lurking out there but this should not hinder you from seizing risks. As what the axiom says, “No guts, no glory.”


People say necessity is the mother of invention, but do you already know what the core of it is? Couldn’t guess the answer? It’s creativity. There enters an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur should always make something new, fresh, not yet known by most of the people, and of course useful. What’s the point of making a product if there’s already an existing one like the one you’re about to make? Is it because of sureness that you’ll have customers for the reason that you can see that the product sells? Quite good reason but it’s not really great. It’s still better to make an original product. I know it can not satisfy man for his whole life (because man usually focuses on the things he doesn’t have) but for a while, it can also make him feel the satisfaction brought by your new product.

Change Searcher

A real entrepreneur has time to search for change and do something to develop a certain thing. You should not be stuck on the usual things. There’s always a room for development in whatever you do.

Accelerates Development of Economy

If you are a risk taker, change searcher, and you produce new quality products, there’s a large possibility that you can help the economy of your country. That’s actually a great characteristic of an entrepreneur. Because of that, most of the country leaders are grateful of having superb entrepreneurs in their country.

Your product with good quality can be exported. Thus, it brings more profit to your business and to your beloved country.

Ability to See and Evaluate Business Opportunities

There are so many business opportunities out there. It’s good for each entrepreneur. What you must just know is how to seek for the best business opportunity for you. Look for one that suits your creativity or style.

Then once you have seen a business opportunity, try evaluating it. In this process, you should be smart enough to know which opportunity is good for an entrepreneur like you and which one is too good to be true.

Do you have these characteristics? If you do, then you can now start a business and learn the other things that will make your business successful. Be an entrepreneur. Be your own boss.

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