Green Job Programs for Veterans – Expectations During the Transition


A lot of people when asked to define the meaning of a “green career” would most likely think about some jobs related to working on solar panels or wind turbines and while those jobs are without a doubt considered as green jobs in its kind, there are more careers that can be considered as green jobs that many veterans can be part of.

People who have green careers are the ones who are responsible to contribute to the world’s sustainability. Green careers can also be a self-employment job. Being in a green job explains one’s specific personality. It is a mere fact that most people who are in a green job have green lifestyles.

Green job is defined as conservation of energy. Green job is all about the improvement of the world’s sustainability. It’s all about making the buildings, some resources and the agriculture sustainable.

Veteran Transition Skills

Of course most Veterans who have already completed their training will most likely find jobs that fall under these more popularly known fields that could have a span of three to six months of participative technical training.

The goal of this article is for people to recognize the many opportunities that could help Veterans with their career transitions, whether it’s a traditional type or a newly discovered route.

Green Job Programs for Veterans

There are many organizations that are willing to help the high unemployment rate decrease by putting veterans to work with newly created programs under green careers. These jobs are outreach programs that are designed only for military veterans. These organizations make sure that the jobs they offer match the military experience of many veterans.

They make sure that the veterans’ interests and skills are highly considered. The goal is not just to gather veterans work for them but to make veterans feel that they are still needed and considered as an important part of the world’s sustainability, specifically in the green industry. Veterans are required to complete some hands-on training and some related educational programs that match their past experience and interests. After these, the veterans will be connected with available green jobs.

According to a study, a large percentage of veterans suits well in the green industry. Green industry is considered as one of the growing sectors in the economy.

Veteran Transition Skills Tips

Below are some tips for veterans who want to be part of the green sector:

1. The first advice is to widen your net. When looking for a job, always remember to include a wider geographic area in your search. This way can increase your chances of finding a good opportunities that could match your interests.

2. Next is to prepare a good resume. Your resume should be prepared as soon as you have decided for a retirement. Forget using all the military terms you learnt. Use words that a normal people will understand.

3. Say you get qualified for a live interview, be ready for it. Do a little research about the organization. Practice yourself answering a set of questions. Don’t get your hopes up.

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