How to Create a $1 Million Internet Business Part 2 – Choose High-Quality, High-Ticket Items

How to Create a  Million Internet Business Part 2 – Choose High-Quality, High-Ticket Items

Finding the right Niche

In this second article in our series on how to build a million dollar online business, we’ll take a look at how to choose a product or service to market. This is definitely the area in which most internet marketing newbies get bogged down. This is the area where discouragement will most likely hit and kill the momentum.

If you’ve been surfing the net looking for a home-based Internet business, you’ve no doubt already heard the word niche. That simply refers to the category of business you will focus on. In order to grow your business to the size we’re talking about, you will have to find that just-right niche.

Face it, there are thousands upon thousands of products and services to market online. Some people set up entire stores on eBay and other similar sites. There are drop shipping setups; there are countless products to sell through centers such as, ClickBank, Share-a-Sale, and Commission Junction; there are private label electronic products, the list is endless. How in the world do you choose?

What Does the Market Say?
The most important thing in finding the right niche, which surprises most people, comes down to the market and not the actual product. What is the market telling you? What do people want and need? What are they willing to pay for? You want products and services that people are not only passionate about, but that they are willing to shell out the money for. It’s no good if people are not buying.

If you have set your sights high – in order to build a million-dollar business, you will need to focus on high-quality, high-ticket products or services. That is a must

How High is High?

Up to this point, you may have been grateful to find a product that nets you $50 or $100. But by and large you are used to being more in the $15 to $20 range. 

First of all, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. In fact, this is a good sign that you are on the right track. You’ve been on the net learning and increasing in knowledge of how to make sales. You at least are familiar with the terms used in online marketing and business opportunities.

However, remember the goal here. You are not simply setting out to have a successful Internet business. Your goal is to have a million dollar business. This means you must begin to change your vision and your outlook. 

Previously you may have thought that a $400 item was a high-ticket item. But in order to build a million dollar business, you must uncover products or services that run into the thousands.  You read that right. You are now on the lookout for an opportunity that when you make one sale, you will be netting at least $1,000 or higher. 

So there you have it. Step two in building your million-dollar online Internet business is to consider only high-quality, high-ticket products and services.  And if you think there’s no such opportunity out there, think again!

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