Branding Your Business by Giving to Charity

If you want to brand your business and make a difference at the same time then there is no better way to do it than to give to charity. Giving to charity provides you with free marketing for your business and also gives you the opportunity to help others who need it.

Choose a Charity that Appeals to your Target Market

The first thing to take into consideration is what charity would appeal to your target market and where you would find them. If your business sells pet food, for example, you would benefit by giving to the SPCA, Guide Dogs or other associations that deal with animals. If you can’t find a charity that specifically appeals to the same target market then choose one that you would like to give to.

How Giving to Charity Helps Brand Your Business

There are a number of ways in which giving to charity can help to brand your business. The first way is that if you give a cash donation then your business name may be entered into the charity’s newsletter where others will see who has donated and so get to know your business name. If you are donating items to a charity event then the event itself may be a marketing exercise for you. The charity may also be willing to give out your brochures or flyers if you are donating to them.

What Can I Give to Charity?

One of the easiest donations a business can often make to charity is a cash donation. You can even ask the charity to create a debit order off your business account for a regular amount each month or agree to give them a percentage of all sales made.

Another way your business can contribute to charity is by providing items that may be needed. If your business sells food, clothing or health products then you could donate these to hospitals, old age homes, women’s shelters or other charities that deal with people in need.

Giving to charity is a way to both brand your business and also assist those in need. It helps to create respect for your business as a company that is doing good in society and so encourage more people to purchase your products and services by making them feel that they are doing something for charity by supporting your business.