Felony Friendly Jobs – Jobs That Don’t Care About Your Record!

One disadvantage of having been in prison is that by the time you get out, you will find yourself having a great deal of difficulty finding a job. Most employers are leery of hiring anyone with a criminal record, and even if you have turned over a new leaf after paying your debt to society, it doesn’t change that bias towards people refusing to hire you once they find out about your past.

However, this isn’t the time to despair. It doesn’t mean the end of the world if you are unable to get employment immediately. There are still a lot of felony friendly jobs available if you only know where to look. Even if the unemployment rate continues to rise due to the present economic situation, there are legitimate and legal places where you can get hired immediately without having to be interviewed for the position.

If you have an email address and access to an Internet connection, you can have a job within minutes. These felony friendly jobs are known as “get paid to” jobs which will involve participating in various online marketing research surveys that pay people to give their opinions on various products or services, political or social atmospheres, TV programs or movies, and any number of other topics.

You get paid for every survey you participate in by as much as $10 for every 10 to 15 minute survey or questionnaire you complete. It’s as easy as clicking boxes or filling in some questions fields, and you will be paid via check.

Making an honest living after life on the inside doesn’t have to be so difficult, simply participate in “get paid to” programs online to earn money and start your life anew.