Personal Branding For Entrepreneurs – Does Your Online Brand Pass the Smell Test?

Anyone can set up a website and call him/herself an expert, so people are skeptical about who they trust and buy from online. No one wants to get ripped off. And, no one wants to spend too much of their time trying to figure out whether you’re legit or not. As you build your brand and create your online presence, go out of your way to help new customers feel confident that you are who you say you are. Don’t assume that they’ll take your word for it. Bring backup to prove that you’re the real deal.

Here are 4 ways to make your Personal Brand more trusted online:

1. Get people talking about how great you are. You need testimonials, referrals, positive reviews, letters of recommendation, etc… Skeptics want to hear from real people with real feedback about you. Ask your existing customers to share comments about their experience under your care. Examples of happy customers raving about your services, can help newcomers feel comfortable doing business with you, and can make your branding efforts much more effective.

2. Give your name a face. Show professional pictures of you in work mode. Talking to your staff, receiving an award, or just sitting in your office. Your photo makes you a real person, and not just another faceless name. It helps your audience feel connected to you, and more comfortable embracing what you have to say. Your warm smile may be just the personal touch potential customers need to choose you over your competitors.

3. Make your contact information available. Give your audience a way to contact with their questions or concerns. Don’t just offer your email and website information. Including a phone number and a physical address makes people feel more confident in the fact that you’re a legitimate person that won’t just disappear with their hard-earned money.

4. Get media to write about you. People believe what they see in the media. So, make friends with journalists and bloggers, and encourage them to write news stories about you. Invite press to your special events, tell them about your charitable outreach, and encourage them to interview you and the customers whose lives you changed. If you can’t get a feature story written up about you, then write your own press release and distribute it on a newswire for journalists to see and share with their audiences.

Use these 4 personal branding tips to leverage your online brand, and earn the trust of your audience. Make sure your testimonials, photos, contact information, and press coverage are easily accessible on your website. Legitimize yourself and your company to get your customers ready and willing to buy what you’re selling.