Often, small business owners are unaware of the real consequences of their problems or the profound potential benefits of utilizing a management-consulting firm. It is common for these owners to assume that all the other businesses in their industry share the same problems or, conversely, that their situation is unique. In fact, neither of these scenarios is hardly ever the case.

Small and mid sized business owners are in a constant daily struggle to survive, let alone grow and prosper. They operate in a fiercely competitive marketplace and the great majority of them are attempting to manage without the operational and financial policies and procedures large organizations take for granted. These business owners are at a loss to maximize their profitability and ease their management burden.

As a result, they never have the time or the opportunity to focus on the important activities necessary to implement the strategic programs necessary for long lasting growth and stability. They are the classic case of spending so much time fighting the alligators that they never have the time or ability to fulfill their original objective of draining the swamp!

Although many problems may be pervasive with a large number of companies facing the same challenges, there are always some that thrive in the face of adversity. Business owners’ work so hard just to survive they often “Don’t see the forest for the trees.” This is one reason why the third person perspective that a management consultant brings to a client is so valuable. Part of the consulting firms mission, therefore, is to convince these owners to honestly confront their problems and the actual, very real and substantial costs resulting from a lack of control.

The basic strategy is to bring fundamental management techniques and systems generally only available to major corporations to the small business owner at an affordable price. This is accomplished by addressing three major concerns of all small businesses: Sales, Profits and Quality of Life. This requires that the consultant provide a full range of management services to their clients including the installation of basic accounting systems, cash flow management, production control systems, computer installations, budgeting, expense and cost control, and human resources program.

Additional areas of operational improvements consultants provide to clients on an as needed basis are as follows: Cash Management, Business Valuation, Investment Banking Services, Job & Product Costing, Inventory Management, Succession Planning, Operational Planning, Sales Management and Financial Management.